B.K. Ranch (Rising up from the Lava Disaster)

Lying on the banks of the famous Rio Grande, in the heart of New Mexico, are thirty subdivided acres that have been allocated for an intentional eco-neighborhood and event center.

After loosing Nuandu – our 18 acre farm, home, event site and center on the Big Island – we are seeing this as a new opportunity to rise from the lava flow and ashes left by Pele in Hawaii.

Our hope is to provide twenty low-cost eco-houses in which each person or family would legally own their one-acre lot and anything built on it. Ten of these thirty acres nestled in the the fertile land of Velarde will be reserved for a retreat and event center Which will host its first festival August 24-26, 2018. The center will host various retreats throughout the year as well as two annual festivals that feature conscious music, arts and sustainable living practices. We use the word “neighborhood” because we feel that community happens best when people are making their own self-sovereign choices and able to self-sustain. Other than a basic small handful of neighborhood covenants, home owners will be free to join events at the center if and when they so choose and will always be able to maintain their privacy at all times.

This mission and vision of B.K. Ranch is to create a hub for conscious thinkers, artists, sustainable projects, and events that promote self empowerment, harmony with the earth and unity among people and spirits. Our hope is also to create a shining example of a symbiotic neighborhood in which personal freedom and connected community find a balance.

The Panjea Foundation is accepting donations towards the development of the retreat/event center and the eco-neighborhood’s basic infrastructure which includes home sites, basic roads, and making sure all sites have access to clean drinking water.

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