Mbizi Cultural Center Zimbabwe

At the heart of Panjea’s mission is cultural exchange and the sharing of ideas. In 1996 Panjea raised funds to build its first cultural center in Domboshawa called the Mbizi Cultural Center. Unfortunately Mbizi has fallen into disarray due to neglect during he Mugabe regime’s cruel and oppressive rule.

As a part of Zimbabwe’s new freedom from the old regime and renaissance, we are rebuilding the old cultural center and adding onto it to make it better than ever. This center, nestled in the culturally rich village of Chiriseri, will host programs to teach locals about sustainable farming techniques as well as promote the use of sustainable technologies like solar, wind, and methane gas power created by animal dung. The Mbizi center will also be the hub and focal point of our music safari adventures and cultural exchange programs between Zimbabweans and foreigners.

The center has hosted over 30 trips to date even during the oppression years.

Donations to this project repair roofing needs, structural problems, clean water access general maintenance to the badly dilapidated center. The Mbizi center was blessed by the village Chiefs and spirit mediums and is crying out to be revived once again. A few dollars gos a long way in Zimbabwe.

People who donate over $1,900 receive a free two week music safari or cultural immersion (all expenses paid except for airfare to and from Zimbabwe).

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